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Simple fact: You are on our page right now because we promote it the right way

We handle your website as if it was ours. First, we make your Industry Research. Second, we create a Marketing Plan that is right for your specific needs. And only after that we make the right decision on which tools to use.

Internet Marketing by AlexDev Studio

Understand Exactly What We Do: Step-by-Step

Industry Research

The most important part of the Internet Marketing Process in understanding our client’s needs. Last years show that we are quite good at it. We make an in-depth research about your services so we can understand your potential consumer interests and psychology.

Marketing Plan

On this step we define your goals and get the first impression on what to expect. Our predictions are based on opinion of an experienced internet marketing specialist’s and on very professional tools that we use while making your industry research

Decision Making

AlexDev Studio specializes on two Advertisement Platforms. Being Certified by Google as Qualified Ad Words Professional  it is our most used tool to promote any website on the Internet. And then Facebook Ads is another choice. The decision here is about which platform to use or maybe use it both.

Starting an Internet Marketing Campaign

Here we are. After Industry Research, completed Marketing Plan and  the Right Decision for your Online Campaign, we actually begin to technically setup your advertisements: Text Ads, Banner Display, Facebook Page – Post Promotion etc.

Follow-up and Maintenance

Continuously improving. We adjust the ads after reviewing visitors flow through your website. We define negative user traffic and eliminate it in order to reduce the cost of the Internet Marketing Campaign and increase ROI (Return on Investment) percentage.


Last but not least, everything we do is 100% transparent. Internet Marketing processes and results are registered in Reports that are issued by Google AdWords or Facebook platforms. We make it easier to you to understand by creating daily, weekly, monthly, yearly overview.

AlexDev Certified By Google AdWords

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